Team Adem donates thermometers to Cancer Care Unit

thermometers-feature-lrgWhilst visiting the hospital on Monday (5th) for another round of Lu’s weekly treatment, Lu & I donated 50 digital thermometers to the Cancer Care Unit at Nambour General Hospital – on behalf of Team Adem. The thermometers will be given to patients who are undergoing cancer treatment and don’t have a thermometer at home. Chemotherapy can have a major impact on a patient’s immune system and a temperature rise can be a sign of infection, which can become life-threatening within hours. Any patient undergoing cancer treatment and has a temperature rise of 38 or more is advised to get to a hospital emergency department as soon as possible.
Pictured with me are Oncology nurses Sally (left) & Alana who with all the staff do a wonderful job in caring for patients on a daily basis.