Team Adem Blood Donation Community

Over the two and half years Adem battled Leukaemia he received over 350 blood and blood related transfusions.Our family are extremely grateful for the generosity of the voluntary blood donors who helped Adem and others who require blood products.

Spending countless hours in oncology wards you quickly come to realise the importance that blood and blood related products play in the lives of cancer patients. Without these invaluable products many patients would not survive. 34% of all donated blood products are used for cancer treatment including those with leukaemia and other blood diseases. Currently, only 1 in 30 Australians gives blood, but 1 in 3 will need blood in their lifetime.

In an aim to try and bring more awareness to the importance of blood donation, Adem set up a Blood Donation group ‘Team Adem’ as part of the Australian Red Cross Lifeblood Group Blood Donation Program to ensure a healthy flow of blood for patients in need. Team Adem’s blood donation community  has now grown to become one of Australia’s largest with schools, businesses, hospitals & other organisations under our umbrella. Since 2013 Team Adem blood donors have made a lifesaving difference to lives of over 90 000 Australians who require blood products.

We send out an open invitation to individuals, Schools, Businesses and other groups to join our community and help us achieve our goal.  It doesn’t matter which state you reside in, you can join our Team and donate at any Australian Red Cross Lifeblood Donor Centre or Donor Mobile in Australia.

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To book an appointment to donate or for more information about donating blood please call

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