Team Adem receives Heartfelt Donation from former Cancer Patient

We want to acknowledge and thank a former patient of the Adem Crosby Centre, Tony Sullivan, for generously donating $2500 to Team Adem. Sadly, Tony passed away in late 2018. Tony was incredibly grateful for the care and kindness he received from the Adem Crosby Centre staff and asked that a donation is made in his honour to help the Centre. Team Adem will ensure that the $2500 Tony bequeathed will be donated back to the Adem Crosby Centre in the way of useful, tangible donations, helping both the Centre and patients receiving treatment. Tony continues to be fondly remembered by all staff for his fighting spirit and incredibly positive outlook on life ❤️❤️

Team Adem would like to thank Tony’s family on behalf of the Centre and the many patients who will benefit from Tony’s generosity.
Pictured is Tony with his daughters Rebecca & Vanessa.