60 Lives Saved by Team Adem Blood Donors on Labour Day

Team Adem blood donors rolled up their sleeves to make a lifesaving difference to over 60 lives on Labour Day.

Team Adem makes another donation to Bloomhill Cancer Care

Bloomhill Cancer Care clients to benefit from recent Team Adem donation.

Radiation Patients to benefit from Team Adem donation

Recently Team Adem donated 15 skincare applicators to the Radiation unit in the Adem Crosby Centre.

Furnish & Finish Property Styling show support for Team Adem

Team Adem would like to thank the team from Furnish & Finish Property Styling for their recent financial sponsorship of Team Adem.

Brent carries Queens Baton at Caloundra

It was an honour to carry the Queens Baton today in Caloundra and be alongside other inspirational Sunshine Coast Baton Bearers.

Team Adem donates Blanket Warmer to Adem Crosby Centre

Team Adem was very excited to donate a Blanket Warmer to the Adem Crosby Centre last week. Patients will now be warm and cosy while receiving their treatment.

Extra Floral Arrangements to be Donated to Adem Crosby Centre

Due to expanded services in the Adem Crosby Centre, Team Adem is increasing our monthly donation/renting of these stunning lifelike floral arrangement from two vases to four vases.

Another Successful Team Adem Blood Donation Day

A Big thank you to over thirty Team Adem blood donors who rolled up their sleeves on Australia Day to help others in need.

Team Adem Blood Donors make a Lifesaving Difference to 15,939 lives in 2017

Team Adem Blood Donors make a lifesaving difference to 15,939 Australians throughout 2017.

Team Adem Donates Sunscreen to Cancer Patients

Patients undergoing treatment in the Adem Crosby Centre will now have some extra skin protection thanks to a recent donation from Team Adem.