One Year Since Chemotherapy

one-year-since-chemoIt has been just over a year since Lu completed her chemotherapy regime for her Breast Cancer. Celebrating that occasion with her was her Oncologist Dr Long and a few of the dedicated nurses from the Nambour Hospital’s Cancer Care Unit.

One year on and Lu is back at work teaching prep part-time at a local school. Lu is also embracing her new look. After losing her straight hair during treatment it has returned as stunning curls – commonly known as chemo curls.

Tick of approval

lu_tick-of-approval-feature-lrg12 months ago Lu was in the midst of her Breast Cancer treatment and battling the many unwanted side effects that come with it. One year later, Lu has received a tick of approval at her recent annual checkup and has just commenced part time employment back in the workforce. Regular exercise and a positive outlook are certainly helping Lu overcome some lingering side effects from her treatment. Pictured is Lu on her first day back at work last week.

Exercise is making a difference

lu-lrgIt has now been just over 3 months since Lu finished the majority of her breast cancer treatment and as you can see she is certainly progressing & looking well. Like many breast cancer patients, Lu will continue on oral medication for a number of years. Although she has some ongoing & unwanted side effects from this medication, Lu has found her regular visits to the gym and weekly yoga classes are certainly helping alleviate them. – Not to mention her positive attitude and appreciation of the simple things life has to offer. It is hard to believe that a few months ago Lu had not a hair on her head and was struggling to walk , now she has more hair than me and I am struggling to keep up with her on the cross trainer !!

Lu finishes her Breast Cancer Treatment

Lu finishes her Breast Cancer TreatmentAfter 2 surgeries, 15 rounds of chemotherapy, 25 daily radiation sessions and many hospital visits, I am happy to announce I have now finished my 8 months of Breast Cancer treatment. Yesterday I said goodbye to my radiation machine “Fraser” and like many others before me proudly left my hand print on the wall of inspiration at Oceania Oncology. These hand prints are a significant milestone for many cancer warriors who have completed their treatment and I am proud to have mine amongst them. I will now commence a targeted medication for the next 5 years and will have regular check ups with my specialists.

I would like to thank all my brilliant Doctors & Cancer Care Nurses for taking such wonderful care of me. As always, big thanks to my family, friends & Team Adem supporters for all your well wishes.

Love Lu x

“When you arise in the morning, think of what a precious privilege it is to be alive, to breathe, to think, to enjoy, to Love..then make that day count!” Marcus Aurelius

25 rounds of radiation

This week marked another important chapter in Lu’ s Breast Cancer journey. Last Tuesday Lu started her 25 rounds of radiation. Although Lu’s mastectomy removed her cancer, radiation & chemotherapy are given as an extra precautionary measure. In Lu’s case, the radiation is given while she is lying on her back and a specific area is targeted. The procedure takes around 10 minutes each day for 25 days. Common side effects associated with Lu’s radiation are tiredness, redness and thickening of the skin around the radiated area. As usual Lu is in great spirits and has managed to get out & about a little although unfortunately she has developed some quite debilitating side effects from her final rounds of chemotherapy. Lu developed Peripheral Neuropathy – a side effect related to certain chemotherapy drugs. The nerves in her fingers, hands, toes & feet have been affected/damaged.

Very simple everyday tasks like doing up buttons, typing, holding pots etc are difficult and painful to do. Walking has also become painful as Lu has very limited feeling in her toes & feet. Stairs are a definite no-no due to the possibility of a fall. Hopefully, these side effects should subside over the months ahead but it looks like Lu is going to be an on-looker at our Christmas gift-wrapping stand this year. Pictured is Lu standing next to her latest friend, a linear accelerator (radiation machine) and sitting with her radiation gown ready for treatment.

We would once again like to thank everyone for your kind wishes & messages of support.
Brent 🌟

“Strength does not come from winning. Your struggles develop your strengths. When you go through hardships and decide not to surrender, that is strength” – Arnold Schwarzenegger

Lu’s last Chemo

lu-november-updateI am happy to announce that I have just completed my 6 months of chemotherapy treatment. A big thank you to my amazing oncologist Dr Jeremy Long (pictured to my left) and to all the lovely nurses who treated me at Nambour Hospital’s Cancer Care Unit. I was treated with respect & professionalism and was always greeted with a warm & friendly smile. I now will have three weeks to rest my weary body before commencing daily radiotherapy.

Thank you everyone for your continued support and well wishes, they have given me much strength.

Lu xx

Miranda spends morning with her mum

lu_oct-21-2015-lrgRecently, Miranda spent the morning with her mum at the Cancer Care Unit at Nambour Hospital. Miranda kept Lu company during her 13th round of chemotherapy. Although starting to experience a number of unwanted side effects due to her prolonged treatment, Lu, as always is in great spirits & has only 3 rounds of chemo left. She will then rest for 3 weeks before starting 25 rounds of daily radiation.
We once again thank you all for your continued messages of support.

“Attitude is a little thing that makes a big difference”….Winston Churchill

Lu receives her first blood transfusion

Lu_update_sep-2015Last Thursday (17th Sep) Lu became the 1 in 3 Australian who requires a blood product. She received her first blood transfusion as part of her ongoing treatment for Breast Cancer. Constant chemotherapy has started to take a toll on Lu’s blood cells with tiredness and dizzy spells becoming more frequent. It was only 8 months ago that Lu was proudly photographed after making a blood donation herself. Like most cancer patients, Lu will be forever grateful for the generosity ofblood donors. Incredibly, 34 % of all blood donated is used to help cancer patients through their treatment.

A special thank you goes out to all our Team Adem blood donors for keeping your regular appointments and for encouraging your friends and family to donate with you. Together we have potentially saved the lives of over 9500 people to date in 2015 – and Lu is now one of them.

Thank you everyone for your ongoing support.

Chemotherapy | Half Way Point

LuThis week marks a small milestone in Lu’s Breast Cancer treatment as she reaches the halfway point in her chemotherapy regime. To date everything has gone to plan with no unexpected hiccups. It is however a little surreal knowing that your son was receiving treatment for his cancer in the same room only a few years ago. Pictured is Lu underneath Adem’s picture, which hangs proudly in the Oncology Outpatients Unit. We have no doubt that Adem is watching over his mum and the other patients receiving treatment and know that his inspiration & strength is a help to many.

Update on Lu

news-care-packs-30-07-2015With Lu well into her breast cancer treatment, she certainly looks forward to the tail end of each chemo cycle when her immune system recovers and her energy levels bounce back slightly. This is the time when Lu can get out and do a few of the normal things she enjoys. Earlier this week Lu, on behalf of Team Adem proudly handed over a cheque to purchase 20 therapeutic massages at Bloomhill Cancer Help Cancer Help Centre in Buderim. The therapeutic massages will be donated to teenagers and young adults currently undergoing or recovering from cancer treatment. Pictured with Lu are staff members Kerryn and Debbie (far right) who is one of the lovely therapists at the centre.
Lu still has many months of treatment to undertake but to date everything is going as well as can be expected. Again we would like to thank Lu’s wonderful medical team for the care they continue to provide and to our supporters & friends for your continued messages of encouragement.