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Team Adem donates blanket warmer to Adem Crosby Centre

Team Adem was excited to be able to donate another blanket warmer to the Adem Crosby Centre recently.

Sunscreen donation helping patients undergoing cancer treatment

Last week Team Adem donated another two boxes of SPF 50+ sunscreen tottles to the Adem Crosby Centre. The sunscreens are given to patients undergoing treatment for a cancer diagnosis.

Team Adem continues to help patients affected by Lymphedema

Lu on behalf of Team Adem recently donated another $500 of electrode pads that are needed to run the Lymphedema L- Dex machine at Bloomhill Cancer Care.

Team Adem blood donors save 18,162 lives throughout 2019

We are proud to announce that Team Adem's Blood Donation Community made a lifesaving difference to 18,165 Australian lives throughout 2019.

Team Adem supports children’s Christmas party at Leukaemia Foundation village

Team Adem again proudly funded a face painter once again for the Leukaemia Foundation annual children's Christmas party held in Brisbane.

Team Adem 'Paying it Forward' again

Team Adem is again proud to be 'Paying it Forward' by donating another 50 quality coffees / beverages to new clients of Bloomhill Cancer Care.

Patients attending Adem Crosby Centre benefit from Team Adem ongoing donations

Recently Lu on behalf of Team Adem donated another five boxes of digital thermometers to the Adem Crosby Centre.

Jade Cackett wins Adem Crosby Excellence in Community Spirit Award

Congratulations to Year 12 Chancellor State College student Jade Cackett for being awarded the 2019 Adem Crosby “Excellence in Community Spirit Award.

About Team Adem

Buderim teenager, Adem Crosby was diagnosed with an aggressive form of leukaemia in February 2011 at the age of 17.

Adem was an inspirational young man whose battle with leukaemia has touched the hearts of many people. Even though suffering great adversity, he used his illness and experiences to inspire and help others.As Adem’s condition declined, his desire to make a difference certainly didn’t. Sadly Adem passed away in May 2013, but his wish to help others lives on through the charity he started – Team Adem

Since 2011, Team Adem has grown to become an established and respected Sunshine Coast charity and is making a profound difference to many lives. Team Adem continues to help and support organisations that care for patients, families and seriously ill children affected by a cancer or haematological diagnosis.

Team Adem’s most significant achievement however, is its ever-growing blood donation community, which is making a lifesaving difference to over 1200 Australian lives every month. Having received over 350 blood product transfusions himself, it was Adem’s wish for the Team Adem Blood Donation Community to grow and help thousands of lives each and every year.

Team Adem is a not-for-profit charity and is run by a dedicated team  headed by the Crosby family. We invite as many people as possible to join the Team Adem family and help us help others. Please consider supporting Team Adem by registering with our blood donation team, following Team Adem on Facebook or Instagram, attending our events or making a donation. All support is truly appreciated. To see how Team Adem is making a difference click here .

“With a little effort from all of us – we have such potential to make a big difference in the lives of so many”…… Adem Crosby 2012